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Our activities

Led by a passionate team with strong scientific- and business expertise, Starfish Innovations pilots academic projects from the earliest stages to proof of concept. We select our projects based on its potential impact and provide first funding to obtain proof of concept. As the project matures further, we map out the most effective development – and commercialization strategies for these promising technologies. When milestones are met and projects are completed successfully, Starfish Innovations either supports the project team in establishing a spin-off company or ensures the further commercialization of the results through third party transactions.

Alongside the development of a pipeline of regenerative therapies, Starfish Innovations also offers access to world-class cGMP facilities and expert regulatory advice for the development and manufacture of cell- and gene therapies through our affiliated GMP facility NECSTGEN.

We are always looking for opportunities to further broaden our pipeline, so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you are interested to learn more about our funding strategy.